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Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the
poor and oppressed.  Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the
hand of the wicked.                                                      Psalm 82:3-4
In Wisconsin alone, nearly 8,000 children are
cared for in out of home placement or foster
care each year.  Many children are not able to
find a long-term home or a place to live where
they truly believe they belong and fit in.

Children need to know they are loved and feel a
part of their family.  Building
bonds will enrich lives; build self-esteem and
children’s self-concept.  Children need
opportunities to feel special, realize their
dreams and regain or retain hope for their

Wounded Angels Foundation works to make a
difference for children of incarcerated parents
and children in kinship or foster care.  We offer
mentor services, workshops and other events
to help children and families overcome crises
and everyday challenges.
  • Books and school supplies for children in need
  • Mentorship for children
  • Crisis Intervention for both children and families
  • Scholarships for children in out of home placement and children of incarcerated parents
  • Family events like our Annual Christmas Celebration for Wounded Angels

Support Wounded Angels in your community
  • Refer a child or family in need
  • Donate money, toys, or books
  • Volunteer your time
  • Help with sponsorship, meeting space, or toy collection