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Sexual abuse, or rape, disrupts the lives of countless
people each day.  The CDC reports that  1 of every 6
American girls or women is a victim of an attempted
or completed rape.  Because of fear, embarrassment
or a lack of resources, many victims never tell anyone
they were abused.  
What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse can take many forms.  

Sexual abuse can be:
  • A touch or kiss that you didn't want
  • Making sexual gestures or statements to you
  • Forcing you to have sex
  • Watching others or being watched having sex
  • Showing you or taking naked pics
  • Refusing to stop when told no

Your body belongs to you. No one has the right to
have sexual contact with you unless you want it.  You
can say no to a parent or partner, stranger or a friend.  
Your body, your choice.   
Things not to say to
Stand is a support group for survivor of sexual abuse.  
We stand together to help one another heal.  
Meetings are held in a secure location.  
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