When women fail to reach their goals, it is because their support systems have failed them.  
Women need opportunities and resources that are designed to support their success.  We must
see ourselves as stake holders in the accomplishments of women.  Wounded Wings helps women
better their lives by bettering the lives of other of women.  
Our mission is to better the lives of women and girls by providing educational opportunities and
support systems needed to create and reach goals for personal success.
Our mission
Wounded Wing’s objective is to help women and girls overcome obstacles that keep them from
utilizing their potential. Wounded Wings is an
inclusive, anti-racist ministry. All
are welcome in our
interfaith, LGBTQIA+ affirming organization.   
Our Purpose
If you are afraid to let someone see you are visiting our site, we have added these
purple safety buttons to the bottom right hand of each page.  When you click the
safety button from anywhere in our website you will be taken to The Breast Cancer
Site where you can click to earn free mammogram for women.  We have added this
feature to keep you safe.
Wounded Wings: Association for the
Betterment of Women and Girls, Inc.
But for you who revere my name,
the sun of righteousness will rise
with a healing in its wings.
                     Malachi 4:2
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