Bryanna (her daughter) was born a normal child but, at the age of two, she was injected
with insulin while at daycare.  She requires total care and functions the level of a 6
month old.  She is on many medications, is wheelchair bound, and unable to verbalize
her needs. If you were to stop by their home in the evening, you will find Sheila and
Bryanna up dancing to music or playing around.  Sheila calls this physical therapy time.  
Bevelyn Johnson, My Time Award Honoree
Somehow my mother was able to take us and still teach us, not only how to become positive members of
society, but also how to be real men and women. I can’t pretend like there weren't times when I didn't
miss having a father in my life but I've never expressed how much it meant to even just have someone
like her who was willing step up when a man like my father could not.

I now have an even greater respect for everything my mother has done. I know for a Fact my mother
has been a shining star and should be an inspiration to all single mothers. I do believe that an award such
as this one will help other women have a guide to really know how successful a strong single mother can
be and that is why I truly believe my mother deserves this award and recognition.
Sheila Smith, My Time Scholarship Winner
Nominee Lauretta Chambers
I am nominating my sister for this award because I
watched her go through a tough divorce.  Through
all she went through, she made sure she provided
for her children.  I am amazed when I look at my
niece and nephews as how well they are doing.  She
has also made great strides to keep their dad in
their life.  Ruby is in school working on her
masters.  She has had to recreate her life after the
divorce.  I understand being a single mom is not
easy.  But Ruby is able to work two jobs, attend
school, keep the kids in their activities and make it
to their games.  If a single mom deserves this
award, it is my sister.
Nominee Ruby Westmoreland
Sonja Moore-Hazelwood
before her own needs to make sure they will have
the faith and education to someday become good
men and fathers. Sonja truly believes that God
shows us how to find the good in any situation.
persevere through her daily
mother. She always says to
me God puts these
challenges before us for a
reason.  Sonja is a mother
that has put her children
Tracy looks at her life as an opportunity and she
says, “it’s never too late to change it”.  She
returned to college after many years.  She recently
completed her Master’s degree and landed a new
job in Health Care Administration, along with a
teaching assignment on the college level one night
per week.  I am proud to be her Mother and SHE
deserves every opportunity that has been
bestowed upon her.  She has proven to me that if
you believe in yourself, HE will make all things
My mother deserves this award because she raised
four children alone.  Although at times there wasn’t
enough food to eat growing up she some how
managed to find out a way to provide us with a full
course meal every day. She brought us up in church
so that we will be filled with the Lord in our spirit.

My mother is a proud grandparent of 12 and a
proud great-grandparent of one, however you
wouldn’t be able to tell. Sick, or well she always
seems to put a smile on her children’s faces and you
would never be able to tell what her personal issues
Nominee Tracy Kelly
Congrats to All 2010, My Time Award Nominees
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She will call me some mornings just to allow me the privilege to hear how Bryanna awakes.  Bryanna is
laughing and screaming so loud you would think that she was being tickled.  Sheila’s response is always,
“how can I complain about anything when, with all that Bryanna has been through, she can wake every
morning praising God this way.”