Wounded Wings is hosting a Zumba® Party  to raise funds for Safe Transitions to Healthy Relationships
and other domestic violence prevention programming.  Many women and children escape abuse with
only the clothes on their back.  Funds will also be used to help women and children in crisis meet their
basic needs of clothing and hygiene items.  

What Is Safe Transitions
We believe domestic violence can be prevented through empowerment.  Preparing women for healthy
relationships helps them to avoid toxic and potentially abusive partners. Learning triggers and
developing a safety plan allows women an opportunity to escape before violence escalates.  Women are
also less likely to become victims if they understand the cycle of domestic abuse, know the risks and
know they have a right to be free from violence.  Meeting once per week for six weeks, Safe Transitions
works with survivors to prepare them to transition from abuse to healthy relationships.   

Safe Transitions repairs the broken link in the treatment process.  Batterers are typically provided
treatment and guidance.  Victims are not afforded this type of help and often find themselves back in the
same or another abusive relationship.  Safe Transitions has proven success in decreasing domestic
violence by helping both parties understand why violence occurred and explore ways to end the abuse.    
For more information, click here or contact us at:
MyTime@woundedwings.org or 414-979-9464
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Zumba® Party
Online sales have closed.  Please call
(414) 937-0731 to reserve your spot.
Friday, October 25, 2014 6 p.m.
nickerbocker Hotel
1020 E. Juneau