Women are nurturers.  We support our men, encourage our children and  
care for our parents when necessary.  We'll stop everything to help a friend
in need and take pleasure in giving the remains of our time to our church
and community.  Women are independently parenting millions of
households in the US while working and pursuing higher education.  About
30% more women enrolled in college in 2012.*  Still fighting for fair pay,
women are getting it done, most of us in heels.

Women are people of influence.  We either bring sunshine or we bring rain
to each of the people we care for and each of the roles we play.  When we
are not at our best, we limit the our success.  We also bring pain to our
families, work and community.  

When women and girls fail to reach their goals, it is because our support
systems have failed us.  We need opportunities and resources that are
designed to support the success of women and girls.  With this, we can
escape abuse, unwanted or early parenthood, and substance abuse and find
To better the lives of women and girls, by providing educational
opportunities and support systems needed to create and reach goals for
personal success.
Our Mission:
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women and girls who are being abused.  These purple safety
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Wounded Wings, Artist Jackie
La Del, December 29, 2006
Album Wounded Wings.  
Released by Jackie La Del,
Copyright Jackie La Del 2006
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Life may wound us, but we can never be broken.  We were created in the
image of God.  Through Him we are perfect.  Through him all things are
possible.  We must trust in the Lord and help one another to mend our
wounded wings and fly.
Wounded not broken
Support for women and girls
Wounded Wings: Association
for the Betterment of Women and Girls
Wounded Wings is a 501 (3)(C), non-profit organization.